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We are a family operated small business, which makes this business personal.
The idea of this site came about because of our Sabbath beliefs.

A store that has a physical building can close and lock their doors for any set time. Customers can not come in to browse/shop while the store is closed.
This is why our idea. We wanted to be able to close our own site, specifically during our Sabbath hours. This is a unique way of doing the same thing at your site. We actually close your online site during the Sabbath hours from our server.
A CLOSED page of your choice and/or design will notify your customers that your site is closed and why.

The Web-hosting service that we are offering is unique from any other that we have seen. The unique offer is:

Please sign up now!
(This service is only available from our server.)

Your ideas and comments are welcome, as well as your business.

Please feel free to contact us by email.

Web design is also available.


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